MALDIVES: 6.5 million dollars fuel subsidy for fishermen

Readers may remember that in 2011 and 2009 I wrote a couple of posts on subsidies for fishermen in the Maldives. 

Well, it seems that for 2013 fishermen in the Maldives will benefit from fuel subsidies amounting to 100 million MVR (Maldives Rufiyaa) or 6.5 million USD.

As a matter of curiosity I calculated the total USD per ton of fish that fishermen would get next year in the Maldives. I took the production figures from the FAO. In 2010, latest figures for the Maldives, the FAO reported 94,953 MT fishery production. So, if we divide the 6.5 million USD by the production figure we arrive, for 2010 catches and 2013 budgeted aid, at 68 USD fuel subsidy per Metric Ton of fish.

Here is the link to an online press article reporting on the Maldives’ 2013 budget:

And here the link to the FAO statistics:


RUSSIA: fisheries agreements in Africa

Russian vessels have been active in Africa for many years, and they still are!

Here is an interesting article titled : "Russia to swap fish for students in West Africa", publised in "Russia beyond the headlines".

Here is the link to the article: