Blogs discussing Fisheries Subsidies

The International Economic Law and Policy Blog (which is referenced in "My Blog list") has recently included two posts on fisheries subsidies and the WTO.

The first, titled "Doha negotiation on Fisheries Subsidies", discusses the nature of the disciplines being discussed at the WTO negotiating group on "Rules". The author of the posting, different from the disciplines on subsidies under the SCM Agreement, whose aims at addressing trade-distorting subsidies. If adopted, the Annex will open a new page in the history of trade and environment under the GATT/WTO by introducing direct disciplines on overcapacity and overfishing".

The second points to a conference given by Margaret Young (Pembroke College, Lauterpach Centre for International for international Law, University of Cambridge) on "Preemting international law's fragmentation through regime interaction: the WTO and fisheries subsidies".

Here are the links to the posts:



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