USA: fisheries subsidies at the latest WTO Review of US Trade Policy (3)

As part of the Trade Policy Review WTO Delegations can make statements. These statements are recorded in document WT/TPR/M/235 of 1 November 2010.

I found the statement by the representative of the European Union most interesting.

I copy here what he/she said:

280. We note with some surprise that the Secretariat has not given any coverage to the fisheries sector. We would like to understand the reasons for this omission, which deprives Members of valuable information, the U.S. being one of the world's major fishing nations and traders of fish products. So an explanation would be in order.
This is correct. The fisheries sector was not subject to analysis. This is in stark contrast with what happens for other WTO Members (e.g. the EU!) where the fisheries industry has been subject to a very thourough scrutiny.

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