OMAN: subsidies for the purchase of fishing vessels, engines, gear, fish processing equipment, etc

A recent press release from Oman's Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (17 May 2011) announced a new regulation which provides for a whole array of subsidies for the artisanal fishing sector.

According to the press release the new regulation:

"...includes subsidizing the artisan fishing sector for purchasing fishing boats, engines, instruments and equipment used in the artisan fishing boats, as well as the artisan fishing accessories, in addition to the subsidy allocated for purchasing the long fishing threads, electric cranes used in the artisan fishing boats and GPS and other equipment."

"also included the coastal fishing subsidy for purchasing and possessing fishing equipment, quality control devices, subsidizing the fishing industries, such as, the fish drying and preparation equipment whether by salting, smoking or storing."
Here is the link to this press release:
 Another press, of 18 May 2011, article of ONA (Oman News Agency) gives a few figures of the Omani fishing sector

"The fisheries sector is one of the major contributors to non-oil/gas generated income, but it is seen as having an even much greater potential with Omani fishing waters being regarded as among the richest in the world. The sector and associated industry plays a vital role in the economy, as well as in the livelihoods of tens-of-thousands of fishermen and employees in the fisheries industry. The sector’s huge growth can be directly related to its importance and the confidence placed in it by public and private sector investors. It generated substantial income with figures for 2009, showing that over 158,000 tonnes of fish with a value of RO104 million were landed, a growth of four per cent compared to 2008. In 2010, local authorities have worked hard to ensure that specified rules and regulations are adhered to by fishermen."

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