GHANA: subsidy for outboard motors for fishermen... and more.

In Ghana "the government has announced a subsidy on the price of 40 HP outboard motors from GH¢7, 500 to GH¢4,900 to help boost the fishing season which is expected in late June."

This is a quote from an article of the "Daily Graphic" appearing the Govrnment of Ghana's official portal (date: 18 April 2012).  

Translated into USD : a price reduction from around 4,000 USD to 2,644 USD per motor. 

Furthermore  Minister of Food and Agriculture, Mr Kwesi Ahwoi, said on 11 April 2012 that "fishing communities, comprising 2,000 artisanal fishermen, were provided with echo sounders, a fisherman, were provided with echo sounders, a fishing device that made it easy for the fishermen to locate shoals of fish at sea.fishermen will receive" 

The article goes further and mentions that: "Mr Ahwoi disclosed that as part of the package to ensure the success of 2012 fishing season, MASLOC, in collaboration with MoFA, expected 1,000 outboard motors for sale to fishermen. In addition, MASLOC had ordered 100,778 metric tonnes of various mesh sizes of the legal netting materials for sale to fishermen."

Here is the link to the article in Ghana's official portal:

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