NORWAY: help for the (cod) industry?

Readers might remember that on 16 September 2009 I wrote a post titled:NORWAY: the "leveringsplikt", a subsidy to the processing industry in Norway ?

Now, in Norway, participants in a selected number of fisheries will be allowed to have a certain percentage of by-catch of cod at landing provided it is sold fresh.

The objective of the Norwegian authorities seems to be to maintain, and if possible increase, the supply of fish across the Norwegian coast.

Interesting to note is that the Association of Owners of Fishingboats (Fiskebåt) seems unhappy with a  policy "that would oblige vessel owners to supply fish to a fishing industry that is not competitive".

Here are two articles in Norwegian on this issue. The first one is about the new measures. In the second one readers will find the reactions of Fiskebåt  back in June when the government was considering proposals to secure supply of fresh fish to industries on the coast.




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