RUSSIA: negotiations on a fisheries agreement with Mauritania

Here is another Russian fisheries agreement: one with Mauritania.

The negotiations seem to be influenced by the EU-Mauritania fisheries agreement.

Here is a link on the Russia-Mauritania negotiations and the threat, by the Head of Russia's Federal Mr. Krainy, of a WTO complaint against the EU because of unfair competition.

According to "The Voice of Russia" (see link to article) the complaint will first go through an internal Russian process, or as put in the article: 

"Now Russia's complaint will be considered at the country’s Economic Development Ministry to be later discussed between all sides involved. If no solution is made at this stage, the petition will be submitted directly to the WTO."

I wonder what effect could have such a WTO challenge on coastal states that have fisheries agreements with the EU, Russia or other nations with distant water fleets.


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