The online edition (13 July 2013) of “The Hindu” reported on an increase in the budget allocated to fuel subsidies to fishermen in the State of Karnataka. The article states that:

“To tackle the increasing overheads of mechanised fishing, the quantity of tax-free diesel for around 3,500 mechanised boats has been increased to 1.5 lakh kilolitres in this Friday’s Budget, up from 1.3 lakh kilolitres.
“This is is nearly 25 per cent more than the subsidy given last year…It’s a fantastic budget for fishermen. The focus on fishermen’s welfare scheme and of those owning boats will greatly help the sector,” said Loknath Bolar, vice president, Coastal Karnataka Fishermen Action Committee.
Similarly, the hike in kerosene oil allocation for traditional boats from 150 litres to 400 litres per month has met a “15-year demand”, said Mohan Bengre, a committee member at Karnataka Purse-seine Meenugarara Sangha.”

Note: 1.5 lakh is 5 million rupees or 85,000 USD and 1.3 is 3 million rupees or 51,000 USD (28 July 2013 exchange rates).

The article also mentions subsidies for fishermen’s welfare (construction of houses), for fishing infrastructure (e.g. ports and roads to ports) and for training.

Here is the link to the article:

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