CANADA: liberal politician pledges 300 million (Canadian dollar) subsidies package

Canadian media have echoed the announcement by Liberal Leader Stephane Dion who said that a Liberal government would pump millions into the fisheries industry, including more than $300 million to modernize fleets and aid fishermen who want to get out of the business.

Dion said 70 million (Canadian dollar) would be spent in an exit program for those fishermen who want to get out of the business.

A 250 million (Canadian dollar) Green Fisheries and Transport Fund would provide rebates and other incentives for technologies that will reduce fuel consumption and energy.

Hereunder is the link to official communiqué in the official site of the Canadian Liberal Party.


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Anonymous said...

As it is right now the rich get richer in the fisheries , the young cannot afford to buy licenses and the ones that own licenses are still mking the same money they just take a bigger boat share its greed ... the captains do not need any bail out its the young paople who need help not the greedy eople who have beeen in it for years .. or the fish plants its the workers who need the help . give them a education to get out pay some kind of program to get the older ones out set up rsp for people in the fisheries pensions that the average plant does not supply look after the small people not the ones already rich