USA: New York Governor Vetoes Fuel Tax Exemption for Fishing Fleet

A website with local news (Hamptons.com) reported on 16 September 2008 that "New York Governor David Paterson vetoed a bill that would exempt commercial fishermen from paying fuel tax at the pump, rather than applying for reimbursement from the state tax assessor."

According to the website, the tax paid by fishermen is $ 0.49 per gallon for diesel fuel.

Here is the link to the website with the news:


For those interested here is the link to the form with the "Claim for Refund/Reimbursement of Taxes Paid on FuelUsed in a Vessel Engaged in Commercial Fishing"


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aspiring_polymath said...


Facinated to see your blog, as I too am interested in the issue, particulary with respect to the negotiations in the WTO! You have collected a lot of great info!

Would I find somewhere on your blog your views on the negotiations in the WTO?