WTO: fisheries subsidies negotiations, a model for WTO "energy subsidies" disciplines?

A search on the Internet with the words "fisheries subsidies" can yield most interesting results.

A few days ago I stumbled upon the following article:

Bigdeli, S. Z. (2008). Will the «Friends of Climate» emerge in the WTO? The prospects of applying the «fisheries subsidies» model to energy subsidies. CCLR The Carbon and Climate Law Review, pages 78–88.
I will also copy hereunder the abstract of this article, so that readers can have an idea of what the author is suggesting:

Notwithstanding the potential virtues of subsidies in certain circumstances, this form of government intervention in markets mainly through financial or fiscal means may have huge negative impacts in addition to the effects on efficiency and trade. Fish stock depletion and man-made global warming are two examples of cases in which a subsidy could have detrimental effects on the environment. The fisheries subsidies case has found its way to the WTO in a constructive and promising manner. Following similar approaches to address the issue of energy subsidies, however, may pose challenges of the highest magnitude, as will be discussed in this paper.

So, an interesting subject for further research. I think it is worthwile to read the full article. I have put it on my priority list. When read I will share with you my thoughts on the content.

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