NORWAY: fisheries subsidies in political parties' manifestos. Part II the Christian Democratic Party

I started a few posts ago with a series on the manifestos of the Norwegian political parties as posted in their websites, in the run-up to the elections in mid-September of this year.

Today I will discuss the manifesto of the Kristelike Folkeparti (Krf).

This party was not in office in the previous government and will continue in the opposition for the next four years. Interesting to note is that the Prime Minister of the government in power from 2001 to 2005, Mr Bondevik, was the leader of this party.

Here are some of the promises made by Krf prior the election:

- keep ownership Norway's fisheries and aquaculture industries in Norwegian hands.

- give increased weight to local employment when allocating fishing quota.

- maintain the obligation to supply (leveringsplikt) to encourage local processing. The non-respect of the supply obligation should have consequences for the subsequent allocation of fishing quota.

- increase the harvest of pinnipeds (seals) and work towards international acceptance of of this harvest, within ecological sustainability.

With regard to the regulatory framework Krf wants to maintain the main pillars upon which rests the Norwegian fishing industry, the Participants law (Deltakerlov) and the Raw fish law (Råfisklov).

On pinnipeds (seals) the Krf considers that, because a large population of pinnipeds is tantamount to a large consumption of fish, a higher harvest of seals and pinnipeds is necessary.

Here is the link to the manifesto (section on fisheries and aquaculture):


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