WTO: reporting on informal negotiating meeting on fisheries subsidies (3)

A few weeks ago I published a couple of posts on the issue of reporting on the WTO "Rules" Negotiating Group's informal meetings. In one of the posts, dated 17/10/2009, I was wondering which the sources were that enabled two organisations, i.e. the ICTSD and the FFA, to report on these meetings. In fact, neither official agendas nor reports are published by the WTO.

Well, I solved the "mystery" for the FFA. When going through the latest issue of "FFA Fisheries Trade News" I became aware that the input for FFA's reporting on these meetings was provided by a member of the Delegation of the Pacific Islands to the WTO. This is clearly indicated by way of an endnote to the text on the WTO meeting.

I take advantage of this post to apologise for my inadvertence when reading the FFA reports.

Here is the link to the webpage where readers can find the "FFA Trade News":


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