WTO: fisheries subsidies negotiations at the 2009 Forum of the North American Association of Fisheries Economists (2)

Going once more through the programme of this conference I noticed that another session of the conference included a presentation of a paper related to fisheries subsidies.

Here is the session:

Wednesday, May 20 10:30 am – 11:30 am
Bioeconomic Modeling II
Chair: Emi Uchida
Patricia Arceo and Bianka Perez-Saavedra, Effects of Subsidies in the Multispecies Fisheries off Veracruz, México: a Conceptual Model
Naomi Foley, Viktoria Kahui and Claire Armstrong, The Production Function Approach – Estimating Linkages between Redfish and Cold Water Coral on the Norwegian Coast
Monica Galligan, A Computable General Equilibrium Model to Illustrate Economic Effects Of Fishery Conservation and Management Measures
Min-Yang Lee and Richard Brazee, The Effects of Rigidity and Limited Information on Optimal Fisheries Policy

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