WTO: Director General Pascal Lamy on Fisheries Subsidies (4) in New Zealand!

Here is an extract from another speech that Director General Lamy gave in New Zealand (the champion of the "Friends of Fish"). Fisheries subsdies could not possibly be left out, as one of the main reason to conclude the Doha Round.

As an island nation with important marine resources, New Zealand is very active in working for stronger disciplines on fisheries subsidies, an area where economic and environmental concerns can be clearly complementary. Here too the WTO negotiations provide the only effective means of securing legally enforceable international agreement. This is another important New Zealand -and global — interest that would be threatened by failure to conclude the Round.

The speech was delivered on 6 March 2009 to the Auckland Chamber of Commerce. Also note that the extract concerns the "prepared text" as mentioned in the WTO website. Here is the link to the text:


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