PHILIPPINES: subsidies for the tuna fleet

The Philippines’ government is actively helping the tuna industry to develop, and in particular its tuna fleet.

An example of such active policy is the soft loan granted by the Department of Agriculture to a General Santos tuna producer, JK Fish Trade, which is owned by Jeremy S. Kintanar.

The loan is without interest and for an amount of Philippine Pesos 15 million (312,000 USD). It is payable in seven years and is intended to make two additional hand-line tuna boats replete with 30 pakuras or smaller boats that hunt adult tuna stocks in the high seas.

The funds come from the Agricultural Competitiveness Enhancement Fund (ACEF). The ACEF ended in 2005 but was extended for another two years, which ended on December 2007. It was again extended for another seven years that started last June 11, 2008 until year 2015.

Projects proposals for consideration under the fund include post harvest facilities, livestock and poultry, banana, fish, and other agricultural crops.

Here is the link to the official press release of 6 July 2009:


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