BRAZIL: fisheries subsidies notification to the WTO

The WTO Secretariat published on 1 September 2010 the document "New and Full Notification Pursuant to Article XVI.1 of the GATT 1994 and Article 25 of the Agreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures" by Brazil. The reference number of this document is G/SCM/N/186/BRA. The document is available at the WTO website.

Under the section "FISHERIES INCENTIVES" only the "PROGRAMME FOR DIESEL OIL SUPPORT" is notified.

I copy here the contents of this section.
1. Title of programme

Programme for Economic Subvention to the Price of Diesel Oil Used by Fishing Vessels.

2. Period covered by the notification

From January 2007 to December 2008.

3. Policy objective and/or purpose

To equalize the price of diesel oil paid by national fishing vessels with the international market price.

4. Legislation and authority

The programme was established by Law 9445, of 14 March 1997, regulated by Decree 4969, of 30 January 2004, and by the former Secretariat for Aquaculture and Fisheries - SEAP (presently the Ministry for Aquaculture and Fisheries) Normative Instruction 18, of 28 August 2006. The Ministry for Aquaculture and Fisheries is responsible for the administration of the programme.

5. Form of subsidy

The reimbursement of the difference (if below 25 per cent) between the diesel oil price paid by the beneficiary and the international market price.

6. To whom and how the subsidy is provided

Recipients: Fishing vessel owners or charters (natural or legal persons); professional fishermen and fishing industries.

Benefits will be granted when there is a difference of up to 25 per cent between the price of the fuel paid by national vessels and the international market price.

7. Total amount

Fiscal Year 2007: R$ 25.5 million.
Fiscal Year 2008: R$ 20.5 million.

8. Duration

Not defined.

9. Trade effects


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