INDIA: fuel subsidies cancelled in Gurajat

Gujarat government’s decided last mont to cancel diesel subsidies for over 20,000 fishing boats in the state, which have engines of more than 74 horsepower.

According to the secretary of Gujarat's National Fisheries Federation, Manish Lodhari, the decision will affect more than 20,000 boat owners in the state.

The Deputy Director of Fisheries of Gujarat's goverment, Riddish Pathak, said that more than 2,000 boats which have engine of less than 74 horsepower would not be affected by this decision.

He also said that “Owners of these bigger boats are affluent fishermen and can afford unsubsidised diesel” (boats with engines of over 74 horsepower had been given 24,000 litres of subsidised diesel).

Here is the link to a press article announcing this:


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