MALAYSIA: problems in the distribution of fisheries subsidies

In my post on Malaysia’s subsidies of 23 December 2008 I was referring to subsidies provided by the Malaysian authorities to fishermen.

Recent press reports indicate that difficulties are arising in the distribution of the subsidies. One of the difficulties is, as said by the press, that “the cost of the fuel for them [the fishermen] to get to petrol kiosks to collect the subsidy was higher than the benefit they derived from the subsidy.”

To avoid this type of situation the government is thinking of distributing the fuel subsidy “at jetties, including fish-landing jetties”.

Another issue that the government is considering is to change the frequency (daily, weekly, monthly) when paying another subsidy, i.e. the catch incentive of 10 sen per kilogram.

Here is the link to an article in BERNAMA on this topic:


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