WTO: Director General Lamy and fisheries subsidies on Oceans Day

Pascal Lamy has been referring to fisheries subsidies as one of the reasons why it is worthwile to conclude the ongoing WTO's Doha Development Agenda negotiations.

Today, Oceans Day, he did not miss the opportunity to, once again, draw the world's attention to this negotiating subject.

Here is the statement:

“Today is World Oceans Day, an occasion for all of us to appreciate the beauty, power and wonder of the oceans which provide humankind with so much. For many, the oceans are a source of nourishment and livelihood. For others, a source of pleasure and sport. But today is also a day to reflect on the harm which we have wrought to these vast reservoirs which cover nearly two-thirds of the surface of this planet. Today, we run the risk that over-fishing will so deplete fish stocks in our oceans that many species will disappear forever.

“This is not only bad news for the oceans, it is bad news for the world's 43.5 million full-time fishers. Governments have contributed to this problem by providing nearly $16 billion annually in subsidies to the fisheries sector. This support keeps more boats on the water and fewer fish in the sea. But WTO members are now negotiating to reform these subsidies programmes so that fishing becomes a sustainable industry and so that we can fully appreciate our oceans' bounty for generations to come. A deal in the WTO now would mean richer oceans for future generations.”
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