CANADA: Canadian study refers to fisheries subsidies in Canadian fisheries policies

This week a study evaluating fisheries management practices worldwide was published in PlosBiology.

The study has been carried out by and written by Camilo Mora, a Columbian researcher at Dalhousie University.

The focus of the study is how governments, by means of fisheries management regimes, translate scientific recommendations into policy in an inclusive and transparent way. On the basis of the results the study ranks countries. According to the study "Canada's ability to create transparent policy for fisheries was ranked 20 out of 54 possible ranks. In terms of scientific robustness, Canada ranked 15 out of 63 possible ranks".

Concerning Canada, Mr Mora said in an interview to the Westerly News:
"In the scientific side it lacks a broader ecosystem-based management of fisheries, scientific recommendations are not fully incorporated into policies and it has a high fishing effort with some subsidies," Mora added. "Those conditions prevented a better global ranking for it."

Here are links to the study and to the press article from the Westerly:



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