CHINA: fuel subsidies for 20 million fishermen

A recent article by the Chinese news agency Xinhua mentioned that the Chinese government will continue providing subsidies to fishermen to purchase fuel for fishing operations.

According to the article “In 2006 alone, the central budget allocated two batches of subsidies at 3.18 billion yuan”.

Converted into USD at current exchange rates this makes around 580 million USD. What it is unclear to me is whether the figure corresponds to one batch only. If this were to be the case then for 2006 the total subsidy amount would be 1160 million USD.

The article goes further indicating that a Ministry of Agriculture official stated that “the ministry will strengthen the implementation of the policy in the country's 12th Five-Year Program period (2011-2015).”

I also wonder whether the Chinese fishermen pay taxes on their fuel.

Here are the links to the article (one to Xinhua and another to the People's Daily online):



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