INDIA: India and WTO negotiations on fisheries subsidies

I went recently on a “trawling” expedition, not at sea but on the Internet.

Here is part of the “catch”.

I found an Indian website called “Fish Global” (fishglabl.org). This website is about “Strategies and Preparedness on Trade and Globalisation in India for Fishery Sector”.

In this website there are a few pages on India and the WTO negotiations on fisheries subsidies. One page relates to the visit that the former Chair of the Negotiating Group on Rules, Mr Guillermo Valles paid to India in early September 2009 “to interact with stakeholders in the field of fisheries to know about the ground realities of the fishing sector in India.”

In the webpage it is stated that:

It is apprehended that new rules on fisheries subsidies, which are being negotiated could seriously jeopardize the future of lakhs of fishermen in India. The new moves would seriously curtail the ability of India and other developing countries to provide support to their artisanal and small fishermen and encourage fishing in their Exclusive Economic Zone.
And further:

It is also feared that final result of some of the proposed condition could lead to the take over of the fishery management function from the member country of the WTO and to hand it over to a third party such as the FAO. This would result in constraining the Government from implementing schemes aimed at supporting fishermen in a sustainable manner as any new subsidy scheme would be permitted only if prior stock assessment has been undertaken which is reviewed by FAO. There is a need for India to retain the flexibility to develop marine infrastructure without being tied to onerous obligations.

Here is the link to the page:


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