UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: fuel subsidies for poor fishermen

Even in the "land of plenty (of fuel)" fishermen need subsidies to purchase their fuel.

Recently I came across an article published on 7 May 2010 in the online edition of the "The National" (United Arab Emirates).

In the article it is mentioned that:
"Almost 600 Emirati fishermen are to be given subsidies totalling Dh3.8 million per year to support their struggling businesses."
The amount of Dh 3.8 million corresponds to + USD 1 million.  

It is also stated that boat engines are supplied by government to some fishermen. Here is a paragraph of the article:
"The ministry already supplies some fishermen with boat engines. Assistance is offered to those who have no other jobs and depend on the fishing to support their families. It also depends on how often they go fishing. For Ali al Mansouri, the head of the Abu Dhabi Fishermen Co-operative, the allowance would contribute to saving the traditional profession. "One of the reasons people are leaving this profession is the high cost of the fishing trip," he said."
Here is the link to the full article:

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