WTO: is the Doha Round now under "life support"?

In my previous post I was discussing the "noises" that were coming from Geneva concerning the state of play in the WTO's Doha Development negotiations.

Well, it seems that today the Director General of the WTO discussed with delegates from the member countries the seriousness of the situation.

Here are a few articles and press releases on the issue:

US deals blow to global trade deal hopes

U.S. questions value of early Doha trade text

In Spanish:

OMC: brecha entre partes en negociaciones sobre ronda de Doha son "inmensas"

In French:

OMC/Doha: les écarts restent "immenses", pesant sur l'espoir d'un accord en été

And here is the statement of the US delegate at today's meeting in Geneva:

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